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2024-06-30 - 15:22:29: The site has been completely redesigned to drop the requirement of PHP. A few links have also been cleaned up and a large number of spelling mistakes have also finally been corrected. Some of the images have been upgraded to display better on modern high resolution displays. Finally, the Contact Us page has now been fully removed. To report any issues, please contact Robert Hawdon directly.

2020-06-30 - 03:48:54: The download link has been repaired again after Dropbox removed public directory support. The Yearbook is now hosted here directly. Other broken links have now been corrected.

2014-12-23 - 16:40:15: The download link has finally been fixed (after being broken for the past few years) by switching the host to Dropbox, the site also has been switched to HTTPS as part of the updates to the OP-EZY network.

2009-07-16 - 17:44:15: Yearbook will launch at mid-day tomorrow! In other news, Googling "ponteland high yearbook" brings up this site at the top!

2009-07-11 - 14:12:04: Contact Us page fully functional, contact us if you have problems with the file.

2009-07-10 - 18:12:14: As far as I know, the official release date is still Friday 17th July, there will be no public download links until that day!

2009-07-10 - 11:33:08: 27 People visited this site after its first public unveiling on Facebook yesterday

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